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Do Muslim Women Feel Sexy was on top of the charts for 20 weeks, being displaced only for upto a couple of days by Innocence, A Marathon Among Islamophobes and other well-read articles.

Sexuality ranks as the most read article on U since the creation of U nine months ago.

Sexuality has been read every day for 143 days since it was published.

Sexuality has recently been dislodged from its prime position for two weeks by Wife Sharing.

It is time for a sequel.

This time, the perspective is of a Muslim woman who relishes her sexuality.

A woman’s body is hers and for her pleasure.

Her feelings of sexuality depend on her state of mind and the circumstances she finds herself.

Nevertheless, she must endeavour to remain positive and cheerful, for an ill-tempered woman will not feel good even if she looks gorgeous.

When a woman looks in the mirror, she should admire whom she sees.

That sexy feeling is not limited to when a woman is wearing layers of make-up and expensive clothes.

Personally, a clean and clear face is more appealing. I rarely wear any form of make-up.

I do make a point of applying some facial beautifiers on Eid days.

The fewer clothing I wear, the more sexy I feel.

My sexy look comprises neither make-up nor clothes. I incline towards a love of nature.

Cosmetics and clothes beautify the body. However, they are accessories and are not an integral part of a woman’s body.

A beautiful and well-maintained face, hair and body require minimal accessories to look great.

Moreover, and especially when a woman is ill-disposed and unable to apply an extensive make-up, she is left to look at her natural self.

It is my natural self that lifts my spirit when I am unable to attend to my body and beauty.

That is one of the enchantments of a single life – no worries about a man and his response to my health status.

I need not worry about my spouse’s attraction to me when my sex appeal is reduced.

For three weeks of Ramadhan last year, I was seriously ill. To make matters worse, my hormones were on a riot!

Imagine the complication of a conceited spouse who will shut his nose, close his eyes, penetrate the woman, ejaculate and dust himself without as much as a consideration for the woman’s health, not to mention her sexual satisfaction.

Well, I thought, I am ill. However, unlike many women who parade themselves as happily married, I am not abandoned by a man during the day, only to be screwed by the same man at night.

I will get through my ill-health with Allah minus the injurious behaviour of some so-called husband.

I will rather experience the enormous physiological and hormonal changes in my body alone – it is my body – than be neglected and verbally abused by a spouse who eventually demands his right to sexual fulfillment from the same body of mine – not this body of mine.

So, how does a woman harness her sexuality without exposing herself to exploitation?

I have pondered over whether I should enter into a nuptial agreement with a handsome man for my sexual needs.

A man who lacks respect for a woman will, surely, not respect her if she marries him just for sex.

Who is to say the man I marry is not another self-centred creature who considers only himself during intimacy?

What, then, do I do – negotiate with him?

Do not climax until I give you the green lights, you buffoon!

Still single here. It has been ten years.

I should even discount my former marriage, which nearly reversed my sexual confidence.

For some reason, some men believe a sexual advance is a recipe for spousal conflict resolution.

Not when I am the spouse. No man sweet talks me.

So, even before my dissolved marriage was on the path of no return, I would express disgust each time my former husband caressed me to settle a misunderstanding.

It was irritating and an insult to me as a woman.

A man who did not have a misunderstanding with my sexuality should not attempt a reconciliaton with my sexuality.

My sexuality is not for exploitation, as my intellect will be prompt to inform any man who imagines otherwise.

The next man I have as a spouse and a bedmate must be charming, polite, sexy, attractive and capable of love.

Where is this man?

Barack darling, would you help me solve just one issue on sexuality?

Twice a week will be good for me. I can manage that. Michelle can keep you for the rest of week!

Come over here, Barack sweet love. Let us make babies!

~ * ~ * ~

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