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AlHamduliLlah (Praise be to Allah) for strong women such as Martha Mullen who arranged for the burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Virginia.

Martha Mullen is the compassionate and courageous woman who made the connections between Peter Stefan’s funeral service in Boston and that of a Muslim community in Virginia.

I appreciate you, Martha. I value your actions, Martha. You make me proud as a woman.

You, Martha, must have a heart of diamond, a mind of gold and a spine of sapphiric steel.

It takes all of those qualities plus a firm belief in the precision of your actions for you to stand to distinguish yourself in the populace.

You, Martha, will need to refine and purify those outstanding qualities of yours in the next few hours, days and weeks to prevent the mob from reducing you to their level.

Remain resolute, Martha.

I stand with you as a woman and as part of humanity.

I was not astounded to learn the compassionate and courageous individual was you, Martha, a Christian.

For many others, their beliefs are founded on hate, fueled by hate and infused with hate.

My astonishment came in the form of the positive and cooperative Muslim community in Virginia.

Writing this, I smile aware there are Muslims in America who do take a stand in the right direction and in loyalty to Allah and His Messenger.

That is a genuine surprise. I am proud to be counted with you as Muslims.

JazakumuLlah khayran to the Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia for acknowledging and fulfilling your responsibilities to Allah.

Although you disagreed with Tamerlan’s actions, you understood “that does not release us from our obligation to return his body to the earth”.

Those so-called imams of Boston need to learn from you.

I did state Muslims expend their resources on oppressive and anti-women activities rather than in fulfillment of the Sharee’ah.

Instead of Boston and the affluence of its Muslim population, a small and rural community in Doswell, Caroline County took on their shoulders the duty to abide by their oath of allegiance to Allah.

They laid the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Al-Barzakh Cemetery, a Muslim-run burial place in Doswell.

I implore the Greater Islamic Society of Richmond, Virginia to remain strong as attention is drawn to you.

Peter Stefan, if Martha Mullen has a heart of diamond, your very cells are of diamonds.

I can only imagine how you remained firm and did not have a nervous breakdown.

You, Peter, stood by your principles despite the lowly intimidations of the mob.

I thank you from the depth of my heart.

There are men and women who do stand by their principles of justice and humanity in the face of false accusations and callous propaganda.

I have met some of them in my interactions.

I stand with you.


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