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An ignorant individual wishes to be misled through the leadership of another ignorant individual.


Some “imams” in the United States need to return to the primary school of Islam.

One called Talal Eid of the Islamic Institute of Boston stated Tamerlan Tsarnaev “left the fold of Islam” by his alleged involvement in the Boston bombings.

Talal, obviously, lacks an understanding of what disqualifies a Muslim from Islam.

Talal, there is an important difference between a sin and kufr.

A brief lesson, Talal:

Kufr is a sin, but not all sins are kufr.

Kufr is the gravest sin and lands or keeps the perpetrator out of Islam.

There were instances when some of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah intentionally killed others.

The Messenger of Allah rebuked his Companions sternly and dissociated himself from their actions.

Guess what, Talal? The Messenger of Allah did not regard the individuals as out of Islam.

In one particular case and in compliance with an agreement with the pagans of Quraish, a Muslim was not permitted to flee from Mekkah to Medinah and was turned back from Medinah by the Messenger of Allah.

This Muslim under discussion did not return to Mekkah, and instead took refuge along the seashore.

There, he amassed a significant following of other refugee Muslims from Mekkah. He and his group formed a marine corp and sacked any caravan belonging to the Quraish.

The Prophet’s words: This man could start a war!

Tamerlan and his brother Dzhokhar are sinners and not kuffar for their alleged actions.

Talking of sinners, that reminds me. What happened to the made-up or copied and ridiculous doctrine of loving sinners?

Yes, the doctrine should go something as this:

Love the sinner. Hate the sin.

I suppose the doctrine can be relaxed when convenient, yes.

This is not a time for loving sinners, is it? NO!

Another so-called imam, Ikram ul-Haqq of Masjid Al-Islam North Smithfield questioned whether the Tsarnaev brothers were “truly Muslim considering the accusations against them”.

Ikram, a brief lesson for you:

What determines a person’s state as a Muslim is not the accusation against the person, but the person’s belief that only Allah should be worshipped.

Suhaib Webb considers his praying over Tamerlan “ethically” wrong.

Suhaib, which ethics do you work with – the ones taught by Allah and His Messenger or the ones you made up for yourself?

The ethics taught in the Sharee’ah made the burial of a Muslim according to Islamic principles an obligation on other Muslims.

Ethically, within the Sharee’ah, it is unacceptable to pray over a hypocrite.

Suhaib, do enlighten us on the hypocrisy of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Again, in Islam, hypocrisy is as good as kufr, except the latter is overt and the former covert.

Kufr is ascribed to an individual for certain behaviours and utterances as defined in the Sharee’ah.

Hypocrisy is the seeming practice of Islam while harbouring ill intentions towards Islam.

Kufr is a bold affront against Islam. Hypocrisy is pretence of Islam.

It is no wonder there was a conspiracy of silence among Muslims in America over the search for a burial place for Tamerlan.

Those “imams” and their followers can rest easy now for he has been buried.

When I learnt of a “courageous and compassionate” individual donating a burial spot for Tamerlan, I wondered whether the donor was a non-Muslim.

Courageous and compassionate are not the description of many of the “imams” of Muslims, let alone their congregation.

Even in their relationship with one another, many vocal Muslims do not demonstrate compassion or courage.

They do, however, have no hesitation displaying and infecting others with their bitterness and misery.

With the support of their “imams”, those Muslims enforce on others blindness, ignorance, hatred, humiliation and torment, punctuated with threats of hell, as if hell was their family property.

Only then, are they courageous.

Hell is the abode of Tamerlan, as far as Talal Eid is concerned.

The same hell is, coincidentally, the abode of a woman who does not allow herself to be reduced to a child by her husband, according to those fond of issuing threats of hell.

One really wonders.

Does any individual endowed with thought expect those Muslims and their “imams” to be courageous and compassionate in the face of a potential backlash from the American people?

Those individuals who are not compassionate to the living cannot be expected to be compassionate to the dead.

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