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To many individuals, patience is the absence of action.

Patience is thus equated to the state of passive rather than active, lethargy rather than keenness, and misery rather than contentment.

Patience is seen as endurance of wrong without the accompanying quest for redress.

Patience is regarded as submission to the will of an oppressor without embarking on approved means to extricate self from oppression.


Patience is beautiful. ~> Allah in the Qur’an [1]

Patience is a developmental and sustainable skill that assists in the psychological growth of an individual.

Patience is consistency and resolve demonstrated especially in times of crisis.

An individual blessed with productive patience is exceptionally calm when one’s world is disintegrating.

Productive patience can be acquired through:

1) Sincerity Of Intention: If one does not truly seek patience, one will not seek the means towards patience nor will one acknowledge the ability to be patient.

2) Self-Will: Patience is a gift to self, as one seeks this gift of one’s volition.

No other human can bestow that gift of seeking to self.

In this regard, patience is much as self-respect, which neither fame nor affluence can grant self.

One’s social circle is unable to grant one self-respect. Self-respect is what one is worth in own estimation.

The same is applicable to patience.

Although one’s social contact can provide a conducive environment for patience to grow, one must be willing to benefit from that growth.

3) Constant Prayer:

Seek Allah’s Assistance with constant patience and prayer. This is indeed difficult, except for those who are humble. ~> Allah [2]

One is taught to seek any help while patient and prayerful.

If the help one seeks is patience, one seeks patience with patience. This is the hard part.

If one lacks a proper understanding of patience, the sincerity or self-will to be patient, one fails to seek the necessary help to improve one’s patience.

Your patience is from only Allah. ~> Allah [3]

Who makes the path to patience smooth? Allah.

Better still, Who sends patience to one? Allah.

4) Acknowledge Distress: Conflict in any form is a feature one encounters, sometimes, in one’s interactions.

The best response is patience. [4]

At the very maximum,

If you catch them out, do so within the limits they caught you out. ~> Allah [4]

One should recognise the source of the distress and give as much as one gets. This provides one with a sense of justice.

5) Switch Off Negative Emotions: Negative emotions are a trigger for impatience.

One’s humility is tested in adverse conditions when negative emotions predominate.

Temporarily switch off anger, hate, disgust, dislike, etc. This act mollifies panic and replaces it with calm.

Regarding the individuals who create unfounded distress for others,

Do not grieve over them and do not cause yourself anguish because of their conspiracies. ~> Allah [5]

One is expected to be displeased with the event that prompted a shutdown of one’s emotions.

However, if one loses one’s composure one has lost one’s patience.

One has equally lost the ability to a clear-headed problem-solving dynamism.

6) Rewarding Pleasure: While being patient, one must seek means to maintain one’s calm.

One such means is through rewarding and joyful engagements – celebration of Allah around the clock [6], jokes, pleasure thoughts and tasty treats.

Of significance is one must not reduce self to the low level of one’s detractors.

Be patient over what they say. Leave them with a dignified exit. ~> Allah [7]

Allah is with the patient. ~> Allah [8]

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