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Mistakes are the necessities of humanity.

The absence of error is as inhuman as excessive error.

The frequency of the occurrence of wrong decisions and defective actions in general or specific errors reflects one’s state of mind, level of intelligent and integrity.

Prophets and Messengers of Allah being the most virtuous are the only select group of humans exempt from sin and detrimental non-sinful mistakes.

The rest of humanity must contend with self, desires, and social contacts towards the best of choices and the avoidance of errors.

Error in judgment and action is a necessity of living – a painful necessity.

Are certain mistakes avoidable?

Some mistakes are not only avoidable they are predictable.

Assisting a friend is normal and predictable. There is no error in that, whatsoever.

The circumstances of one’s friend and the form of assistance determine the status of the choice: beneficial or injurious.

The purpose of rendering any form of assistance is for the positive benefit of both beneficiary and benefactor.

If the assistance is meant to achieve this, the assistance is the best of choices. One must proceed.

A harmful consequence to well meaning assistance for either participants is sufficient ground for the assistance to be avoided.

The urgency of the severance of the assistance is increased when the donor is at risk.

A principle of mine reads:

One must not do good to bear the consequences. There are no negative consequences of goodness.

There are, however, negative consequences of a wrong choice, or of assisting the wrong person, or of offering the wrong assistance.

These are the mistakes one does not wish to experience, for the lessons are too grave, detrimental and long-lasting.

If one must make a choice of error, one must avoid the error of choice.

The error of choice signify popularity.

An action built on excitement, concern and apprehension without the balance of reason is very likely an error of choice.

The more common an act, the more thought one must exercise to comprehend its implications.

If one’s choice of error to assist one’s friend happens to be an error of choice, the gravity of one’s actions is unthinkable.

The error of choice of teenagers is often attributed to inexperience and peer pressure.

Teenagers must be moulded to creative and non-detrimental thinking devoid of suspicion.

What is responsible for the error of choice of adults – inexperience and peer pressure?

Of course not! Rather, adults incline towards an error of choice because of the absence of a thinking capability.

Experience has taught adults absolutely nothing.

Disposing of a friend’s laptop and rucksack in a moment of thoughtlessness is among the non-sinful, but serious acts with hefty consequences that are hurtful to self.

Equally harmful is for one to welcome into one’s residence an individual one considered a friend, only for this individual to turn renegade against his host and testify to what he neither witnessed nor heard, so that his host is imprisoned and he, the real culprit, enters a plea bargain and is released.

The worst of times is when people freely lie under oath. ~> The Messenger of Allah.

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