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One’s thoughts and state of mind are expressed in different outlets.

One’s attitudes, positive or negative, are both a response to and a stimulus of thoughts.

One’s facial reality (facial expression) reflects one’s personality.

The facial reality of each of the Tsarnaev brothers illuminates each one’s identity.

When I saw images of Dzhokhar, my thoughts raced.

Among the apparent features was his youth. He is a young, fun-loving and amiable teenager.

He is also white.

On Friday, and prior to the identification of the Tsarnaev brothers, a known Islamophobe protested.

She accused the media of lying by presenting the photographs of white suspects.

She was clearly upset that white is the race of the accused.

Undoubtedly, her racism deadened her faculties, for she should know that whites have committed bombings, not to mention that whites have a peculiar taste for gruesome and serial murders.

Dzhokhar is a white very young man who from all accounts is in deep trouble, as the only surviving prime suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Dzhokhar’s deceased elder brother and co-suspect, Tamerlan was just as white.

Neither was the Middle-Eastern, or dark-skinned, or hispanic-looking illusions and distractions.

It is a personal relief the alleged persons behind the Boston Marathon bombings were not Saudi Arabians.

The two accused are whites. Comments in discussions have carefully omitted this detail.

Had the suspects been of any other race, Allah help the rest of us. We will have had to endure disparaging remarks against that entire race.

However, this time the race of the suspects is deemed irrelevant to racists.

The deflection is the Tsarnaev brothers are Muslims.

In any case, all available photographs to this author demonstrate Dzhokhar’s face was full of smiles and bright.

So was that of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

A deeper analysis of the latter’s pictures reveal he had a cheerful visage and a confident disposition.

Neither of the Tsarnaev brothers had a lonely and vengeful character.

The Tsarnaevs, along with the Fort Hood suspect, were considered terrorists by an individual.

That was excellent, especially coming from a creature known for overt and clandestine acts of terror.

To her and similar creatures, the only qualification for one to receive the terrorism award is association with Islam.

None of the mass murderers in the United States, including those who specialise in six year olds, meet this requirement.

In continuation of the real analysis of the Tsarnaev brothers, how genuine were their social connections?

What was the level of sincerity and goodwill among the persons the Tsarnaevs regarded as mentors?

What was the level of consistency of speech with the actions of those mentors?

Role models are a feature of living.

I have always exercised caution concerning the persons whose words I imbibe.

This is prominent in matters of my Religion Islam, where one sentence even in ambiguity is sufficient to prompt my auditory nerves to discontinue transmission to my brain cells.

With the prevalence and ease of knowledge acquisition in our age, I visit Muslim-run websites with one policy:

One foot in; one foot out! Get ready to flee!

It is easy to disseminate falsehood to a willing and gullible receptacle.

This is apparent in social networking sites, where a person can push the hate button to activate dormant and rancour-filled haters.

It is much easier to defect when the condition is right.

The condition could be true conviction against one’s former perceptions or the threat of consequences.

Sadly, this transformation is lost on the now reformed individual’s previous adherrents, some of whom may be unaware of the recantation.

The complex analysis leads to a number of questions.

How much do the thoughts of the Tsarnaev brothers reflect their facial reality?

Is their facial reality an accurate depiction of their mental processes?

There are two indisputable facts:

1) Tamerlan Tsarnaev is dead.

2) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in police custody, albeit in a hospital.

Another point is though the intelligence community considers a solitary individual likely to incline to acts of violence, there is abundant evidence the community with which one interacts can and does incite an individual to violence.

Evidence of the latter outweighs that of the former.

Whichever is the case here, the thoughts of the two young male members of the Tsarnaev family were at some stage detached from their usual self.


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