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What a week this has been!

The first working day in the United States, Monday, witnessed the twin bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon that left two women and a child dead and at least 176 others wounded, many seriously.

In full marathon fashion, the week was a race to the finish; a race that must be completed in the shortest possible time with precision, accuracy, maximum employment of resources and minimal errors to avoid distractions.

Ironically, the bombings at the marathon and the subsequent exchanges of gunfire between the police and the two suspects occurred at the height of the debate on curbing gun violence.

Opponents of gun control emphasized their need for guns as a right preserved in the Second Amendment, for self-defence, for protection against a home invasion, against a tyrannical government (whatever that means), and – wait for it – against an invading nation.

Despite the war chants and death threats to fellow Americans and their own President, which I expect should be covered by – yes, you guessed it – the First Amendment, freedom of expression, none of those self-styled patriots dared step out of their home during the curfew.

They, obviously, have more mouth than liver!

None of them confronted the two young suspects on Thursday when the latter shot a police officer, robbed a store, stole a vehicle and committed a carjacking.

Of course, those cowards did assault innocent and unarmed Muslims. POWER! Oh yes!

Powerful is the one who controls self in rage. ~> The Messenger of Allah.

Rage is such a psychological aberration that it distorts one’s ability to critical analysis.

What rage spurred Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzhokhar to consider and implement the bombing of the Boston Marathon?

Most people will respond with “radical Islam”.

Radical is, however, not more ascribable to Islam than any other alien modifiers: Christian Islam, Jewish Islam, Buddhist Islam, Hindu Islam, secular Islam, atheist Islam, and of course, nominal Islam.

The source of the rage is the same as breeds in racists and tribalists – an inferiority complex.

The feeling of inadequacy prompts an individual to forego all caution in an attempt to transform self into an acceptable being.

Although, the Tsarnaev brothers have been in the United States for over a decade and had interacted well with Americans, the feeling of inadequacy led the younger Tsarnaev to a dual life.

To his family and American friends, he was a normal teenager.

To his elder brother and others, he was on a path to perdition.

He had to belong somewhere. He must find fulfillment.

Unfortunately, one must first accept oneself in order for external acceptance to be fruitful.

Tamerlan was not a party person; he sought pleasure in boxing.

At some point, he must have decided that life was not meant for pleasure, a common theme among many Muslims.

The end of the leisure must have commenced with the separation from his wife and child.

He was too busy to be distracted by mundane matters. He had a plan in motion.

Missing from the plan was the desire to live.

He and his brother did not set off suicide belts on the day of the marathon, yet they wanted to draw more attention to themselves aware all law enforcement agencies were on their trail.

They did receive the desired attention on Thursday night which, after a gun battle with law enforcement, left Tamerlan dead and Dzhokhar wounded.

The theatrical of the Tsarnaev brothers reminds me of my thoughts a couple of years ago.

The typical Muslims in America are uncertain of their loyalty, assuming they possess any form of loyalty at all.

A greater proportion of Muslims in the United States will desert Allah and His Messenger without notice to placate an American audience.

They are unable to, simultaneously, be Muslims and Americans.

The amusement is chickens have come home to roost.

Muslims in the United States are not protected from drones.

My compassion is only for those Muslims who can maintain their loyalty to both Islam and the United States.

They will have to speak out. This is the time for urgent self advocacy.

They must not allow others to speak on their behalf.

The positive end to the week is not limited to the capture of Dzhokhar on Friday night.

The week saw the revelation of closet Islamophobes who, previously, had insisted to all present they had no problem whatsoever against Muslims.

To solidify their camouflage, they claimed they have a Muslim in their family and that their child is fathered by a Muslim.

Now, the same malevolent tongue has unveiled a malignant mind that swears to the hatred of all Muslims.

Have a meritorious and revealing weekend, my faithful readanistas.

One comment on “RACING ACROSS BOSTON: Analysis

  1. Umm Sulaim
    April 20, 2013

    My thoughts in the discussion is of interest.

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