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Have you met a supposed descendant of the Prophet? I have.

He assumes he is a spokesperson of Islam.

To Muslims, I ask: Does he represent you?

To non-Muslims: Is he your advisor on Islam?

I shall describe some of his antagonistic qualities.

1) An Arrogant Fool, he is contemptuously ignorant. He flaunts his folly to the ovation of his artificial allies.

Fools are known for their absurdities and the promotion of conscious ignorance.

This individual lacks the capacity to keep pace with his own folly. He is surpassed by his own ignorance.

He claims I call Pakistan a sham Islamic Republic for supporting the US-led invasion of Afghanistan against the Taliban, Governors of Afghanistan.

I am assertive. No one speaks on my behalf.

Besides my thoughts expressed in The Saudi Arabian Honey series, only a fool supports a tyrant.

The Bush Administration was the tyrant and Pakistanis the fools.

I recall my thoughts a decade ago over another, but related issue when I made an analogy between Bush and the tyrant king narrated by Allah in the Qur’an in the story of Khidr and Musa.

The tyrant king seized every ship he encountered. That was Bush and his invasions.

Unlike Pakistanis, Khidr did not betray the orphans, owners of the ship in which he rode. He did not enter into an artificial alliance for selfish purposes.

Rather, Khidr sought means to preserve the ship and its occupants. To make the ship unattractive to the tyrant king, Khidr made an innocuous puncture to the ship.

The ship was secure against seizure. Khidr knew where his loyalty lay.

So did the Taliban when they offered to try Usama bin Laden and if found guilty sentence him appropriately.

This, the tyrant king scoffed. A tyrant king knows no sense of justice – invade, assault, murder, and retaliate.

Pakistanis must now acknowledge that a tyrant king’s legacy, the thirst for blood, is insatiable. DRONES!

If only this parasite to the pedigree of the Messenger of Allah was not so ignorant, he will learn from the Prophet himself:

A Muslim must NOT hand over another Muslim to his enemies. ~> The Messenger of Allah.

On this score, Pakistanis got a minus infinity and the Taliban, a +1.

AlHamduliLlah, there are still people – Muslims and non-Muslims – who are not cowed by bullies.

2) The Dishonoured, he claims to be a Hashemi Syed, though Allah explicitly rebuked the ignorant.

A fool has no dignity before Allah and before humanity.

Dignity belongs to Allah, His Messenger and to the believers.

Dignity is character on principle and not a brand.

3) An Incontinent Racist, he demonstrates absolutely no hesitation in displaying his abhorrence of Arabs.

His artificial allies described him as “blunt”. He is blunt; he can penetrate only his skin and those of his allies.

Arab leaders are Wahhabis, he alleges.

What should that make Pakistani rulers? I ask.

Pakistani rulers have run out of artificial allies and innocent Muslims to betray, yet Arab leaders get his attention.

Should he not advise his rulers to solicit more artificial alliances?

Pakistani rulers have been dumped. The professional game players have been played.

Arab countries are a wealthy North Korea, he imagines.

I shall refrain from comparing his country Pakistan to any other country. It is too demeaning to the latter.

Pakistan is ablaze, yet Arab nations are the object of his scorn. Stability is scornful, I am sure.

Remain secure and stable, Arab nations. You have an ally in me.

Against his racism, my Prophet ruled in front of a predominantly Arab audience in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula that there was no difference between an Arab and a non-Arab.

A Muslim is not a racist.

4) Foul-mouthed, his impudence is not surprising, though, as it is a mark of his ignorance.

He vomits expletives as if his lineage depended on vulgarity.

He is aware his misrepresentations of Muslims and Arabs have been exposed.

He came back fangs bared, claws ready. He remains blunt, in all senses of the word!

A hypocrite is blunt and of no value.

A sign of a hypocrite is that when he debates, he is rude. ~> The Messenger of Allah.

5) An Opponent Of Allah and His Messenger, this creature maintains that the Niqab is prohibited in Islam!

That is destitution of sight occasioned by hatred, this time the hatred of Saudi Arabia.

Allah ordered the wives of the Prophet to veil themselves. The female population of the Ummah responded: We hear and we obey.

Very many women on hearing of Allah’s Command adopted the new dress code: the Hijab and the Niqab. A few others wore only the Hijab.

Yet, we have a contemporary claimant to the Messenger of Allah who declares this dress code “forbidden”.

You have heard of forced marriage. This creature is a glaring case of forced parentage!THE ARROGATION OF THE IGNORANT TO THE MOST NOBLE

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