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THE BOSTON BOMB ATTACKS: A Marathon Among Islamophobes

The twin bombings in Boston on Monday have again reawakened Islamophobes and their anti-Saudi Arabia partners in crime.

In the immediate hours following the explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Islamophobes had their suspect.

THE BOSTON BOMB ATTACKS - A Marathon Among Islamophobes

The suspect was a Muslim, any Muslim real or imaginary. The Muslim was tried, found guilty and sentenced in a matter of minutes.

Islam was responsible for the behaviour of this nonexistent Muslim. Islam is always culpable, as far as Islamophobes are concerned.

Islamophobes did not hesitate to spread their false theories.

Neither did some Pakistanis – and others who adopt their lifestyle – whose hatred and racism against Arabs in general and Saudi Arabia in particular have overflowed their vessels.

Some Muslims have narrowed the suspect to the Middle East. A Pakistani was prompt to post a distortion attributed to CNN which cites the arrest of a 20-year old Saudi Arabian.

His hatred for Saudi Arabians blinded him and led him to believe and propagate falsehood.

After a scan through the CNN website and its article on the bombings, I discovered the allegation was a fabrication.

Indeed, Islam is a system of research and verification.

Allah cautioned us through His Words, the Qur’an against allowing the hatred of a people to sway us to perpetrate injustice.

Indeed, Islam is but a system of justice.

Allah also taught us to verify rumours prior to accepting and disseminating them. Actually, the latter was more of a condemnation of any Muslim who spreads what he has not confirmed.

Indeed, Islam is systematic truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It is heart-warming to find that where there are Islamophobes and racist Muslims who have no difficulties misleading people, there are also very many good-natured and thoughtful individuals who assess the situation as the information is released.

To this latter category of persons, the police and security agencies were still conducting investigations and have not released any information on any suspect.

In other words, Muslims of any race are not automatically responsible for the Boston attacks and the rumour implicating a Muslim was the work of senseless and divisive persons.

The first step towards truth and justice is patience; acknowledging that accurate information is a process.

There is, however, some benefit in the dissemination and subsequent refutation of false anti-Islam propaganda; some Islamophobes eventually recognise their error in judgment and tender honourable apologies.

As Muslims silently and loudly pray and hope that the attacker(s) is/ are not Muslims, Muslims should, of course, exercise caution in their response to the attacks.

Panic is not ideal at this moment; there is a great deal of suspense among some Muslims. Why should the culprit’s Religion be an issue of concern only when the Religion is Islam?

Incessant repetitions of the same diatribe meant to exonerate Muslims have the precise opposite effect. No one wishes to read the same message continuously no matter how well-intended the message is.

Muslims prone to condemn the acts of other Muslims will find themselves on the hot seat, expected to condemn an imaginary Muslim. Islamophobes accept nothing short of a prompt and strong condemnation of illusions.

Even if the suspect(s) is/ are discovered to be Muslim, Muslims must exercise an even greater degree of caution in their attempt to shield other Muslims from the repercussions.

Many Muslims agree they are already exhausted with the expectation to condemn a crime simply because the alleged perpetrator is a Muslim.

My position has always been that of zero condemnation on the basis of Religion.

My heart is with the family of those killed and injured in these inhumane attacks.


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