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THE SAUDI ARABIAN HONEY. Part Two: Consumed With Bitterness

The Saudi Arabian Honey

The first part of The Saudi Arabian Honey examined and rebuffed the jealous cravings of anti-Saudi Arabian elements.

The inconspicuous jealousy is directed at the tranquility and security of the nation as well as the relative freedom from harassment at the benefit of citizens and residents, particularly, women and girls in Saudi Arabia.

The cravings for the sweet honey is in envy of the wealth of the Kingdom, the stability of the region, and the diplomacy and wisdom with which leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) court international allies while retaining their loyalty to Allah and His Messenger.

In this piece on The Saudi Arabian Honey, subtitled Consumed With Bitterness, I continue the presentation that while Pakistanis insist theirs is an Islamic republic and not a kingdom, I grant that Pakistan is a republic, but with very little remnants of or affiliation to Islam.

Islam is not a bumper sticker which an individual affixes to self. Islam is not a slogan for an irate crowd.

Islam is not a hate system which breeds the hatred of others, Muslims and non-Muslims, for being different than the hater.

King AbdAllah Ibn Abdul-Azeez Ibn Saud

Islam is a system of unflinching loyalty. Islam is an attitude, a positive and encouraging attitude. Everyone who demonstrates this attitude becomes an ambassador of Islam.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia educates its citizens and residents on their ambassadorial roles.

The Kingdom rarely witnesses mass demonstrations directed at foreign nations. Such demonstrations are an embarrassment to Muslims worldwide and a disservice to Islam.

On occasions when Saudi Arabians have expressed delight over the natural disasters experienced by non-Muslim nations, especially the United States, the incumbent Grand Mufti had always promptly advised them against such conducts.

Three further complaints will be analysed in this series.

d) Puppet Of The United States: Pakistanis are quick to accuse the Saudi Arabian Kings of being subservient to the United States.

I shall refute that in a few paragraphs. First, I shall examine the treachery of Pakistanis over the last decade.

In the wake of the attacks on World Trade Centre, Pakistan entered into an agreement with the Bush administration permitting the use of Pakistani airspace by the United States and its allies to bomb, murder and maim Muslims across the border in Afghanistan.

This accord was sealed with a three-billion dollar bribe. In reality, Pakistanis accepted advance blood money for the massacre of Muslims by their artificial allies.

Pakistanis are still accepting bribe, this time only in blood without the money, thanks to drone bombardments in Pakistan. What an alliance they have made!

Does that treachery qualify Pakistanis as the puppets of America? I say an emphatic “YES!”

There is one more set of gross human rights violations that saw the cooperation of Pakistanis and their puppet master, but for which Pakistanis are seldom held responsible.


The name is synonymous with inhumanity.

Without the abductions and betrayals of Muslims by Pakistanis, there will have been much fewer innocent Muslims incarcerated at that collection of cages guarded by programmed creatures.

Pakistanis readily embarked on a witch-hunt of innocent Muslims to appease their Bush master.

Does that qualify Pakistanis as the US puppet? It certainly does.

Consumed With Bitterness

Entangled in the Pakistani abduction specialty was Dr Aafia Siddiqui over whom Pakistanis have since held numerous demonstrations demanding her release from US prison.

Although I doubt the US version of events related to Dr Aafia Siddiqui, I shall limit this discuss to the pretensions of Pakistanis.

The US government does not shed crocodile tears over her; Pakistanis do.

It is the latter’s responsibility to ensure the information available to the public is incontestable, which is not the case.

Did a Pakistani official abduct Dr Aafia Siddiqui? Very much so, yes.

A Muslim woman languishes in prison custody for the professional game playing of Pakistanis.

Pakistanis stump their feet at Americans with no effect. Pakistan is a nuclear power, yet it whines about drones.

Pakistanis possess so much freedom they need to auction Muslims to make friends in the free world.

In contrast, King AbdAllah demanded a withdrawal of US troops stationed in Saudi Arabia and the United States complied leaving only a troop unit behind.

Muslims arrested in Saudi Arabia on terrorism charges were tried and sentenced in the country.

Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom. It is also a sovereign nation.

e) No Voting: Voting is generally disallowed in Saudi Arabia. This is not a contravention of Islam. In fact, succession in governance is through:

i) A direct mandate from the predecessor, as the Messenger of Allah appointed Abu Bakr the Imam of the Prophet’s Masjid in the last days of the Messenger of Allah.

ii) Superiority of integrity, as Umar was the next best person after the Prophets and after Abu Bakr. The same principle applies to Ali’s succession of Uthmaan.

iii) Election, as in the election of Uthmaan, the third Khaliph.

This election is momentous, for it is an open election during which the most senior, sincere and just Muslims elect the leader of the Ummah.

The election of the Amir al-Mu’mineen falls on responsible and wise individuals of any age in the society.

The ignorant and loquacious rumourmongers have no impact on elections. They are capable of electing only a disaster of a leader.

The consequences of an uninformed electorate include:

1)      Indiscriminate repercussions of poor leadership on citizens and residents

2)      Mass demonstrations

3)      The incompetence of the electorate to hold their elected officials accountable for poor governance

4)      The mass actions of the electorate directed at leaders of foreign nations. Foreign leaders are held accountable for internal wrong judgment of both the electorate and the leadership.

5)      The perpetuation of the ignorant electoral system, primarily as no one is liable to positive change

In the early years of Islam, women were not among the electorate for the most senior Muslims were men.

There are narrations attributed to the Messenger of Allah that prevent women from certain leadership positions.

Note: I have steered slightly from my usual mode of direct or indirect quotations of my Prophet to “narrations attributed” to the Prophet.

The Ulema have the role of Ahadeeth science and research, and until their position changes, mine remains constant.

Can women vote? If the voting system becomes a free-for-all, yes.

What if the voting system is as that which ushered Uthmaan into the Khaliphate? Theoretically, perhaps.

In reality, the feasibility of that requires women to be independent-minded. Contemporary Muslim women are more comfortable as the ignorant and loquacious rumourmongers who unlike their male counterparts thrive only on male approvals.

f) Mandatory Dress Code: There can be no Islamic governance without upholding the obligatory principles found in the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The Hijab is one of such observations.

In the self-styled Islamic Republic of Pakistan, there is no Islamic dress code. Women leave their home dressed as in the pre-Islamic jahiliyyah (days of ignorance).

Only a handful of women wear the Hijab and the rest either do not wear it at all or utilise it as a hair accessory with much of the hair exposed.

As the mockery of an Islamic republic unveils, Pakistanis are to implement an anti-Niqab scheme that obstructs women who wear Niqab from certain professions. Theirs is anything but an Islamic state.

The Hijab is an Islamic mode of dress and not a hair accessory nor is it a fashion trend that is worn and discarded at leisure.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the right track with advocacy towards the advancement of the Hijab. Improvements are necessary to encourage women to wear Hijab that are not flimsy and which are firmly secured.

Saudi Arabia has its share of issues which I would wish resolved. These discrepancies are citizenry approaches rather than governmental. Yet, I pray the King and the Ulema intervene.

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