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THE SAUDI ARABIAN HONEY. Part One: Jealous Cravings

The Saudi Arabian Honey

One frequently encounters Muslims and non-Muslims vehement in their aversion to the Saudi Arabian government and Ulema.

In this article, I present a comprehensive refutation of the most repeated accusations.

a) No Female Drivers: This is allegedly such a heinous crime against womanhood that pretentious sympathizers of women freedom raise their banner of dissent.

“Women must drive”, they chant.

Incidentally, many of these voices of dissent are Pakistanis who should instead chant,

“Women and girls must live”,

considering Pakistanis are notorious for dishonour murders.

The amusement lies in the narration of the lead female dissenter that she was trained to obediently avoid listening to music while the male members of her household enjoyed listening to music to her knowledge!

“Women need a functioning brain!” I chant.

As much as I look forward to the day women in Saudi Arabia are able to drive vehicles, the inability of women to drive is as much an issue of importance as the inability of a supposedly tyrant king to destroy the Prophet’s grave which lies in the former’s territory.

My ardent readanistas are pardoned should they wonder at my assertions.

Do I drive? Have I ever driven a vehicle? In one word, the response to both questions is “NO”.

That is how insignificant driving remains.

As self-delusion is among their freedoms, my critics are, of course, free to delude self that my no-driving status was enforced by a man or by the Saudi Arabian government.

b) Wipe Off Female Secretion: Just as with the ban on women driving, I became aware of this 13 years ago.

My beloved Shaykhs issued a Fatwa mandating women to cleanse secretions off our reproductive orifice before our Salah (Prayer).

As with driving, many Muslim women have made derogatory remarks against my glorious Ulema.

If only those women had any beneficial control of their faculties, they will agree this issue is too trivial to necessitate insulting the Ulema who continue to issue Fatawa protecting women against harm and in whose territory any man guilty of the murder of his wife is swiftly executed, even if his murdered wife was one of those women who promote torture in marriage.

The only addition I might make would be to bury both husband and wife in the same shroud and in the same grave. They can continue with that excuse of a marriage of theirs in their grave, as they did not wish to separate from each other in this life.

Jealous Cravings

I should add that many women who rant against the Saudi Arabian Ulema and government are the very women who endorse the husband’s right of abuse.

My loyal readanistas may wonder at my actions over these 13 years.

The day I heard of this Fatwa, a woman retorted how unreasonable the Shaykh was.

In paradox, this woman was insistent on a woman’s obedience of her husband including when the husband’s instruction is unreasonable.

I remained silent and have been silent, except for two recent occasions.

Do I wipe myself of secretions? Do I check my orifice or underwear to ensure I am secretion-free?

The response to both questions is a negative.

The only times I emphasize consciousness of my bodily secretions prior to my Salah are to check for the commencement and cessation of my menstruation.

Every secretion is part of me and is pure until there is evidence to the contrary.

c) No Opposition To The King: Pakistanis allege Saudi Arabians do not dare speak out against my dear King AbdAllah for fear of repression.

King AbdAllah Ibn Abdul-Azeez Ibn SaudIf only Pakistanis and their farce of an Islamic republic had knowledge of Islamic governance, they will appreciate – if they possess the capacity to appreciate the truth – that Allah instructed the governed to respect and obey their leaders.

If only Pakistanis had any iota of Islamic Knowledge, they will understand the implications of the Ahadeeth where the Messenger of Allah declared as not of his followers any Muslim who opposes and alienates self from the leader.

If Pakistanis had any awareness of Islamic Civil Law, they will learn from eminent Ulema, past and present, who criticised any Muslim for a negative word against the leader.

Such was the emphasis which the Ulema placed on the consequences of unguarded speeches that they refrained from making utterances against leaders, even privately.

The Ulema addressed their concerns directly to the kings, either in letters or in person.

The communications were straight to the point, punctuated with the Words of Allah and His Messenger, and courteous.

These are the principles of freedom of expression of variance to leaders.

If Pakistanis had any semblance of common sense, they will acknowledge the consequences of civil strife to the unity and security of the Ummah.

If the internal conflicts that engulfed Muslims in the early decades after Hijrah are not convincing evidences, they can always rely on first-hand experience – Pakistan itself is a failed state.


7 comments on “THE SAUDI ARABIAN HONEY. Part One: Jealous Cravings

  1. Parverz
    April 10, 2013

    And what Pakistanis has to do with all your “problems”, better mind your own business rather then stereotyping!

    Edited: The name section was edited. Read the Comment Guidelines.

    The one and only,

    Umm Sulaim

    • Umm Sulaim
      April 10, 2013

      That is a great advice to Pakistanis, if only you Pakistanis practise what you preach.

      Pakistanis should mind your own business rather than criticising Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

      The one and only,

      Umm Sulaim

  2. irfan
    April 11, 2013

    Dear sister, I can make arguments on this article but I think it is worthless to comment here,

    • Umm Sulaim
      April 12, 2013

      You are right your comment is worthless.

      I do hope you will not accuse King AbdAllah or any of the GCC leaders of stifling your voice.

      The one and only,

      Umm Sulaim

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  4. Musa
    April 13, 2014

    Suadi king is the reason why many brothers and sisters are suffering and Muslims are not united. If Saudi king was real he would stop whats happening in Palestine. But all he does is bow down to isreal, uk and the Americans. The Arabians have helped destroy syria and pushed for the west to bomb syria but it was a white man (President Putin) who stopped the west not king ablullah! which is absolutely shameful to all Muslim leaders including the Pakistanis. When the west have been raging wars in Africa and Middle East against brothers and sisters what has king abdullah done to help even 1 bloody Muslim? NOTHING!!!

    Name edited.
    Umm Sulaim

    • Umm Sulaim
      April 13, 2014

      Welcome to my world and thank you for your contributions.

      My response is as follows:

      How is the Saudi Monarch accountable for the absence of unity among Muslims?

      How do you suggest King AbdAllah resolve the situation in Palestine?

      Can you provide any shred of evidence of the King’s subordination to Israel, the United Kingdom and United States? There is a difference between a cordial relationship and servitude.

      Bashar al-Asad destroyed Syria without any assistance from Saudi Arabia. He deserved to have his military installations disintegrated for using chemical weapons on civilians.

      What has race to do with rectitude? Vladimir Putin “stopped” the west because he has nothing to gain by supporting military intervention against the Syria army. Research his treatment of Chechens.

      There is nothing shameful in supporting the protection of civilians. Those few Muslim leaders who campaigned for punitive actions against Syria did well.

      Finally, for a start, King AbdAllah did not provide support to the west against Muslims in Africa, the Middle East or elsewhere.

      The one and only,
      Umm Sulaim

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