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The latest news from Bangladesh indicate a large crowd of Muslims in the country – as many as 70% – demand the implementation of the Sharee’ah.


Muslims marched, yesterday, on the streets of the capital Dhaka, with the proclamation of Takbeer (Allah Akbar – Allah is the Greatest) permeating the air giving the aura of Hajj season.

The long march was mostly peaceful, with a substantial turnout of Muslims in spite of obstruction of movement into the capital.

The demands of Muslims include the banning of anti-Islamic political parties, the reinstatement of Faith in Allah into the Bangladeshi Constitution, the censure of any entertainment channel that continues to broadcast obscene content and the mandatory of the Hijab.

The institution of Hijab will be a comfort to women and girls whose family prohibit them from wearing the Islamic dress.

Paradoxically, those families who are under the self-illusion regarding the harmless nature of forcefully stripping their daughters of the Hijab equally indulge in coercing their daughters into marriage.

As the society of imbeciles has its priorities on its head, a Halal (lawful) and compulsory act in the Sharee’ah, in this case, the Hijab is rendered an offence punishable by gang rape, whereas forced marriage which is clearly Haram (prohibited) in the Sharee’ah becomes the custom, a distasteful abnorm indeed.

This inversion in values and subversion of goodness is the hallmark of secularism, the same secularism that invalidates an individual’s freedom of worship while securing another’s assumed right to rectum probe, otherwise known as homosexuality, under the placard of marriage equality.

Concerned over the status of women if the purpose of the demonstration is effective, I enquired how Muslims plan to treat women – according to the Sharee’ah or according to the society of imbeciles.

Will women and girls continue to be harassed and forced into marriage? I added.

My contact was unaware of the position of Muslims on these issues, as they have not been discussed.

She did, however, inform me that women leaving their home will be restricted.

Stunned, my response was:

Well, in that case, it is not the Sharee’ah they want. The Sharee’ah does not restrict women’s movement outside their home.

My contact explained that the restriction will be on wearing the Hijab.

When she mentioned that part of the demand was the banning of co-education, I declared that acceptable within the Sharee’ah and expressed concerns over where women will receive their education.

Discussions taking place in Bangladesh show that separate learning centres are suggested in all education institutions.

That is a noble intention, especially with the recognition that it is fully feasible in the immediate term in some academic institutions and in other institutions will be gradual and in phases.

If implemented well, the proposal will facilitate learning without emphasising the educational rights of any one gender.

The demolition of the current education system and its replacement with the Islamic education system refers to the separation of learning facilities. Therefore, this demand is sanctioned in the Sharee’ah.

Care must be established to avoid the Pakistani-style – and that of its protege in Northern Nigeria – war on education itself on the delusion that education is western.

As I made clear on my Facebook profile photo:

Education became ‘western’ only when Muslim men and women chose to neglect their responsibilities to increase and contribute to learning.



  1. Mashrura Rahman Aurchi.
    April 7, 2013

    Assalamulaikum, sister, capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, not Dhakar. Your article on Bangladeshi Hifajat E muslim,s movement is very good. There are many issues such as breaking of all statues around the street, capital punishment for the bloggers who are writing anti islamic or humiliating our Prophet(PBUH). Ami will send you the detail issues and news very soon, InshaAllah.

    • Umm Sulaim
      April 7, 2013

      Wa alaykis-Salam waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH.

      My dear, JazakiLlah khayra for the compliment and correction.

      The mistake has been corrected in the article. I can not imagine how I made that error.

      I am aware of the full demands of the organisers of the long march. I chose to approach the long march from the perspective of those issues affecting women.

      Continue to enjoy the articles.

      The one and only,

      Umm Sulaim

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