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Inaugural Oath - Barack 2

For history tells us that while these truths may be self-evident, they have never been self-executing

Certainly, justice does not exercise itself.  Unfortunately, many Muslims believe the precise opposite.  Justice sorts itself.  More specifically, Allah will effect justice.  Humanity has no obligations towards justice and truth beyond lip service.

At most, truth is founded on the latest gossip.  Victims of injustice are made the culprit whereas the perpetrators of injustice are venerated as the heroes.

Rather, humanity was placed on this planet to live and act justly regardless of whether the truth is against someone within one’s intimate circles or whether the truth favours one’s worst enemies.

Truth is not sentimental; one should not connect standing on the truth to one’s feelings and whims.  Annoyance is not a valid reason to trample justice.  To the contrary, judgment or decisions must be avoided while in an angry state.

What if one is unable to implement the truth for compelling reasons of concern for safety and intimidation?

At the very minimum, one must not distort falsehood to appear as the truth if doing so violates the rights of another individual.  The disregard of one’s rights is one issue; violations of the rights of others a totally different and worse scenario.

In the judiciary system, some witnesses retract their testimony after the conviction and sentence of the accused.  Such witnesses are fully and personally responsible for the unjust punishment and imprisonment of an innocent person.

The prevalence of false witness was cited by the Messenger of Allah as a mark of the decadence of the society and a drift away from the Sunnah (Practices).  That prophesy is a reality as well as a realization of the outstanding qualities of those who do their utmost to abide by the truth.

I have met exceptional Muslims who despite unhealthy pressure to sacrifice the truth endorse justice to the best of their ability often at the expense of their reputation being smeared in a massive campaign of rumour and false propaganda.

that while freedom is a gift from God, it must be secured by His people here on Earth.

Some Muslims will certainly feel uncomfortable with freedom being associated with Allah let alone that we have the responsibility to respect our freedoms and those of others on this planet.

Allah endowed humanity with much freedom – the freedom of thought, of association, of lifestyle, of expression – as outlined in the Sharee’ah.  All of these freedoms possess accompanying responsibilities and accountabilities.

These freedoms are not mere theories that can be trumped, overruled, or disguised.  Freedoms are inviolable and are not dependent on permissions or approvals nor are they depended on societal norms.

Allah’s Blessings to humanity are not subject to human endorsement or to the popularity or recognition of those freedoms by mere humans.

Only when one respects and values own freedoms can one value the freedoms of others.  The contrary is that one who is indifferent to own freedoms will be easily trampled by other likeminded individuals.

The patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few or the rule of a mob.

Now, here is a striking similarity.  Why did the Messenger of Allah and his Companions endure more than two decades of torture, harassment, treachery, invasions and wars?

My Prophet did not encourage his Companions to stand firm against the excesses of the Chiefs of Quraish (Mekkans) only for the present generation to subvert the freedoms won and cherished by my Prophet and his Companions and instead favour gang culture.

A clear principle of the Sharee’ah is the premise that justice and truth is not dependent on majority.  If the majority act in opposition to the Sharee’ah, the majority are wrongdoers.  If the majority adopt practices which violate the right of the individual, the majority are unjust.

Another prophesy was that a small minority of Muslims will remain on the Sunnah.  This minority were cherished so much by my Prophet that he encouraged them to be steadfast despite the opposition they will encounter.

Even if the majority were to agree under the pretext of culture, parental powers or spousal supremacy to violate the rights and freedoms of another individual, their actions remain in contradiction of the Sharee’ah.

Any individual whose rights and freedoms are threatened reserves the right to takes steps endorsed by the Sharee’ah to secure his/ her freedoms.  No one is obliged to conform to any culture.


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