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Inaugural Swearing In

The explanation of the January 21, 2013 inaugural speech of Barack Obama, the President of the United States continues.

Today we continue a never-ending journey, to bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time.

Islam is a Religion whose Sharee’ah (body of laws) is universal and applicable at all times.  The wordings of the Sharee’ah do not change nor should they be altered.

The meanings of the text of the Sharee’ah in any era reflect the spirit of the text at its revelation in the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah and the understanding of his Sahaba (Companions) and the Ulema (Scholars).

The meanings and applications of the text accommodate current thoughts without contradicting the meanings and applications of the previous times.  Unfortunately, there is pressure to discard the foundations of the Sharee’ah and adopt culture in instead.

Some Muslims are so out of touch with the spirit of the Sharee’ah that they fret over mundane matters while enforcing anti-Islam customs.  “The Sharee’ah encourages culture,” they insist, omitting “provided the culture does not contradict the Sharee’ah”.

Interestingly, these Muslims who proudly practice their anti-Islam culture hold the customs of others in contempt.  One finds Muslims of a certain region practising their obnoxious culture in the west, yet their husband cannot walk down the street dressed as a Muslim.

“I will look awkward,” he says, “Everyone will stare at me.  I prefer to dress in western clothes.”  Yet these men and their ignorant wives do not hesitate to practice their cultures which are alien to both Islam and the west.

As these men usually walk around in western clothes, women in Hijab become the obvious symbol of Islam. This might explain why Islamophobes frequently target the Hijab, describing it as male domination of women.

These Muslim men cannot bear the stares of non-Muslims, yet they have liver for Muslim women, a sign of the bully.  Well, such men exert their influence over women who tolerate bullies.

Islamophobes accuse Muslims of being stick in the past.  These Muslims might as well say, “Nope.  Which past?  Even the Messenger of Allah himself will have problems recognising our beliefs and actions.”

On another note, do the meanings of the Sharee’ah prohibit intellectual research and development?  Is the Sharee’ah best applied merely through the memorisation and chanting of the Qur’an and the Hadeeth (Sayings of the Prophet)?

In the days of the Messenger of Allah and the succeeding centuries, was the Sharee’ah limited to chants and recitation without a taste for the resolution of real problems faced in the community?

Are the Words of Allah, the Qur’an and the realities of our time contradictory that one must give for the other?  Contemporary Muslims either shun the realities of living and embrace passive existence or ignore the Words of Allah and fully delve into the latest trend.

Both categories of Muslims now predominate and act as representatives of Islam to the detriment of Islam and the rest of us.  This representation is not only misleading but also malicious, as the rest of us have to endure the consequences.

In some Muslim communities, infant mortality is the same as the days of my great grandparents, yet my great grandparents had no access to modern healthcare.  As far as these Muslims are concerned their deceased children are a ticket for the parents to enter Jannah (Paradise).

Yes, that is based on a Hadeeth.  I ask: Did the Messenger of Allah intend that sick children should be deprived of healthcare?  This is an excellent example where Muslims apply the text without regard for its meaning.

Another relevant example is the fashion of infecting one’s children with communicable diseases in order for the children to acquire immunity.  The legacy these Muslims leave for their children comprises scars, pain, and deformities.

Perhaps these Muslims are yet to be aware of vaccines.  If these Muslim say they oppose vaccines, as vaccines are produced by non-Muslims and may contain Haram (unlawful) substances, what prevents these Muslims from coming up with a Halal (permissible) vaccine?

If they can channel their energies to infecting their own children, why should they not expend an even greater quality of resources to research credible solutions to modern-day infections?

Moreover, not only do they violate the rights of their children to good treatment, these Muslims also jeopardise the health of anyone who is exposed to the infected children.

Not only that, but these Muslims, by their irresponsible behaviours keep alive an infection that should have long subsided and relegated to the laboratories.

Muslims need to learn to believe in Allah and practise the Sharee’ah 1434 years After Hijrah (Flight of the Prophet and his Companions from Mekkah to Medinah).

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