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In my previous letters, I emphasized ethnic solutions on an individual level. At this stage of my correspondence with you my dear people, I shall discuss ethnic solutions on a community level.

Discriminatory employment practices are clear to us. Non-indigenes are often employed as temporary staff. Other complaints include:

I) The rarity of a simultaneous pay increase for non-indigenes along with indigenes.
II) A higher deduction of loan repayments from non-indigenes.
III) In some cases, non-indigenes have complained of a higher deduction for loan repayments while indigenes received full salary, though the latter also benefitted from loans. This raises the question of whether non-indigenes are made to pay for the loans of indigenes.
IV) Even indigenes of a different tribe are prevented from certain entitlements such as state scholarship.

It is worth noting that some of the recipients of these malpractices, whose identity are known to the respective representative or administrative bodies are barred from entitlements for not offering bedroom services to the male members of the domineering tribe. If the complainants were to have illicit relations with the male population, discriminations are waived.

Of course, we are not here to present bedroom services as ethnic solutions. Rather, these and other discriminatory work practices should be addressed to the appropriate authorities at the right time and by suitable representatives of all concerned.

There should be no negotiations. One cannot negotiate one’s Constitutional rights. Meetings with administrators in the affected establishment should be directed towards presenting concerns as statements of facts and the tone of the meetings must be servile-free and revile-free.

There should be no religious undertone of the approach, for you my dear people know as well as I do that Religion has nothing to do with the domineering culture.

Most importantly, there must be follow-up meetings. It is pointless expecting remediation while demonstrating a disinterest in the outcome. Even with the best of intentions, an individual is liable to forgetfulness. Add a busy schedule to that and you have an unsolved blunder on the part of the administrators and a frustrated workforce.

However, this step will be futile if Igbos do not implement the individual stage of the ethnic solutions. It is highly improbable that anyone will take your plight seriously if your conduct contradicts your complaints.

If you behave as a sub-citizen or a hausanized one or one who interacts with them on their own terms, then present them with complaints, you are likely to be dealt with heavily. If you do not take yourself seriously, can you sincerely expect others to take you seriously?

Besides employment malpractices, Igbos feel marginalized that an Igbo person has not presided over the affairs of this nation, except for the short-lived symbolic Presidency of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. I shall address this issue in more detail at the appropriate moment.

It is sufficient to state that no one will consider an Igbo Presidential candidacy of any significance if Igbos on the ground are puppets. Do you not agree with me?

I have neighbours who pay half the electricity bill I pay because “Goodluck cheated his brother in the Federal Government and cannot cheat him here”, after all electricity payments “Go to the Federal Government”. I ask: Is my brother the President?

If I pay twice their contribution to the electricity bill because their brother lost the election, do you not wonder what would have been my fate had their brother actually gained entrance into the Presidential Villa? Indeed, I have ample reasons to praise Allah I can still conduct my activities as a Nigerian.

Last month, I refused to pay for the electricity insisting they should make the payment to compensate for the half-payment they made the last time .  I may not have the muscle, but I also do not play victim.  I have no tolerance for discriminations.

It is unfortunate we share a nation with people who have no loyalty to this country. Should that dislodge my loyalty? Of course not. You, my dear people, owe yourselves the responsibility to maintain and rejuvenate your loyalty to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Do not give a people whose patriotism to this nation is conditioned on their brother being in Aso Rock the impression you are strangers in your own country.

To end, I should add that you should celebrate your employment status in Northern Nigeria. If you are marginalized for being Igbo, I am Igbo, assertive, non-conformist, non-slavish, dress in black and in a Niqab (face veil), and yes a Muslim, everything Hausa-Fulanis are trained to hate. Moreover, I do not offer bedroom services. Do you think any Hausa-Fulani will employ me?

You have a job. I have none. I suppose I need a work permit in my own country, and in the so-called Muslim North for that matter.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaim


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