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Thank you.

Thank you.


I, Umm Sulaim wish to share with you my dear readers some statistics of our performance for the year 2012.

The stats prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog covering the four months since mid-August 2012 when Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts went online.

During this period, this blog was viewed about 1,200 times. If it were the new 250-seat Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

There were 64 original and tantalizing posts for your delight. That is about four posts per week. You my dear readers kept coming back for more. I am immensely grateful for your support.

The busiest day of this period under review occurred precisely two weeks after the creation of Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts and that busiest day was August 27 2012 with 41 views. You my dear readers kept up your interest.

The most popular post that day August 27 2012 was THE LANGUAGE COMPLEX, which was published at the height of the 2012 US elections and was based on the controversy that arose from the mention of the female reproductive organ by a Democrat Representative and her subsequent suspension from the State House.

The most-viewed post during the period under review, mid-August 2012 to December 2012 was, yes you guessed correctly, THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Part Two: The Refutation Of Behavioural Hypocrisy. The Battle Of The Sexes series were a timeless classic.

In perspective, the posts you my dear readers found most exhilarating and which had the most views were, in descending order:

1~ THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Part Two: The Refutation Of Behavioural Hypocrisy

2~ THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Part One: The Opposition


4~ MARITAL RAPE: You Will Not Believe It


All of these top five posts are classics.

My dear readers, you came knocking from all parts of the world: 44 countries in all. We have a mini United Nations going on here. Our young Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts family has grown. Thank you my dear readers for making that growth a reality. You are all welcome to my world.

Most visitors came calling from Saudi Arabia. Nigeria and The United States were not far behind. This is amazing, as these are three countries most dear to my heart: Saudi Arabia for being the seat of Islam my Religion, Nigeria my beloved origin and The United States my love affair.

Keep thinking and keep coming back for more. I appreciate you all.

The one and only,

Umm Sulaimumm-sulaim_s-thoughts-background.jpg


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