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KING ABDALLAH OF SAUDI ARABIA: A Worthy Mention – The Seventh Most Powerful Person In The World

King AbdAllah Ibn Abdul-Azeez Ibn Saud

It is my deepest pleasure to acknowledge that my dear King AbdAllah Ibn Abdul-Azeez Ibn Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been ranked seventh on Forbes list of Most Powerful Persons in the World for the year 2012.

The recognition of good people should be promoted. There is need for more sincere and compassionate Muslims who promote the value of life to be dignified, especially in the western media.

The current situation where Islam and Muslims are represented by double-dealers is unsustainable; those, including Muslim women, who when in Muslim circles assert that the oppression of Muslim women is an acceptable part of their culture.

To deprive a Muslim woman of her rights is meritorious and to render a fully-grown Muslim woman a minor obligatory. Among non-Muslims, these traitors claim that oppression and deprivation of rights are enshrined in Islam, rather than in their culture. Two tongues in the same mouth! Subhana Allah! Glory be to Allah! Allah is Free of what they assert.

As expected, some Muslims – shias, Pakistanis, and a train load of ignorant Muslims – are displeased with the recognition of the role of King AbdAllah within Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, the Muslim world and indeed his influence around the globe.

Whiners demand more of the King. Ask these insatiable organisms whether they possess even the willingness to organise their own life and the response will be that they need Allah’s intervention for that. Yet, they can lecture a leader on leading a nation while they lack and are not interested in acquiring basic personal development skills. All mouth and no substance!

Ask them how Muslims should be treated and they are sure to say that Muslims have similar rights to dogs – not in these words, but in similar ones, that only westernised Muslims are interested in rights and freedoms, that humanity is subject to the dictates of those whom they accord rights, and that each of such rights is the right of abuse.

It is left to you my dear readers to imagine what these creatures will do if they ever gained a position of power over Muslims. May Allah forbid these low profile of Muslims be granted authority over other Muslims. Aameen. They moan about King AbdAllah Ibn Abdul-Azeez in futility.

An often repeated allegation against my noble King is of being an agent or puppet of the United States. The good news is that members of the Pakistani government and its functionaries who sold Muslims to the same United States under George Bush are not that powerful in world affairs and do not feature among the first twenty influential persons.

It is good for the world will have been in greater trouble. More torture open-air cages will have been constructed while Pakistani officials and citizens give each other a high five for “capturing” innocent Muslims, including children. The rest of the world will have had to endure images of countless “terror suspects” in chains. These treacherous pretenders – the Pakistanis – are the puppets, except their puppet-ship spills over on other Muslims and the world.

To add salt to the injury of those Muslims who are against the Saudi family, there is need to mention that another darling of mine Barack Obama tops the Forbes list of the Most Powerful Persons in 2012. That is sure to ruin their appetite considering they would rather the American bush baby was on top, of them of course.

It is much more prudent to be allied to King AbdAllah, and to Barack, my two darlings than to those who betray Muslims and call their treachery “Allah’s Will”.

Although Muslim women were not on the top ten list, two grand Ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama ranked second and seventh respectively on Forbes Most Powerful Women of the World for this year.

Hillary’s role in ending the eight-day bloodshed in Gaza a few days ago is commendable and appreciated.

It is time for the good to rise and remain aloft.


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