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What describes a woman? What makes a woman? What defines a Muslim woman?

Some Muslim women lack aspirations beyond being a housewife. And they attain it, easily.

They wish to be ignored. And they get it.
They seek out dishonesty. And they get it.
They long for concealment. And they get it.

They seek full participation in social menace. And they get it.
They desire only affluence in a spouse. And they get it.
They ask permission from a man before any act. They fail.
They look for approval from a man for every action. They fail.
They invite exploitations by a man. And they get it.
They ask to be hurt by a man. And they get it.

They seek to change a man. Where does that happen? In which country, I wish to know?
They pray for a man to change. Why not pray for yourself to change?
They assert they understand the thoughts of another. Do they not need psychic powers for that to happen?
They fret over seductive thoughts in men. Do men not seduce with their consent?
To them: Men think. Men approve. Men choose. Men are right.
To them I say: But, men defile, with your assent, do they not?

They wish ill for self and others.
To them I say: This is not time to wish for others what you wish for self.
They hate. They despise.
Two emotions in ample supply.
To them: Hate is factual. Love is fable.
But, did they not say they cannot choose?

They advise women to marry any man.
It is Allah’s Will, they say.
Do they not know Allah speaks for Himself?
The last time He spoke to man, He said, “Your spouse is your garment”.
His Messenger understood what Allah said.
The spouses of Muhammad were loved by him.
Umar understood what Allah said.
He married women only when he should.

About these women I ask:
Do they purchase garments for fun? They do not.
Do they dress in thorny shirts? They do not.
Do they dine in an awful gown? They do not.
Do they sleep in stiff clothes? They do not.

Why do they then not consider?

Some Muslim women derive pleasure from positive objectives, which are not linked to a man.

We create. We perceive. We feel. We enjoy.

Our happiness, we are.
Without which we will not be.
Who we are.

Our love.
A pledge to the loved to cherish with care.
To live and grow in harmony.
To preserve our love for the loved alone.
To receive love for we deserve.

Our integrity.
For that is who we are.
Life is dignity.
Interaction is dignity.
Not for a man to say.

Our dignity.
To receive respect.
We are worthy.
A woman’s dignity.
Not for a man to choose.

We can choose. We can say. We can live.
We decide. We think. We express. We are right.
We make us. We move us. We stir us.

Our identity is us.



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