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Is it not an irony that the most oppressive Muslims are also the ones to complain the loudest at the perceived oppression of Muslims by non-Muslims?

The right to oppress should be exclusively theirs or else these Muslims will commence a vigorous worldwide campaign and inundate our emails and Facebook timelines with their so-called “non-Muslims hate us” crocodile tears.

The right and freedom of expression belongs to no one, except members of their inner circle. The only expressions permitted are expressions of pretence, misery, redundancy, and irresponsibility. Expressions must be laced with misguidance about Allah and Islam. Opinions that do not blame Allah for ones errors earn the author a scowl.

Should one wish to express ones views, they will be sure to add deceptions and distortions to mislead readers, much like the present online battles between the supporters of Barack Obama and those of Mitt Romney, with the latter attempting to silence the voices of the former.

Should one express happiness and joy, one has run into trouble and has contravened the unwritten initiation decrees which state that no one must be happy. Everyone must be miserable to get to Jannah. Happiness is not an attribute of the people of Jannah. Happiness taints the ride to Jannah. Ones thread will be removed for one is a happy woman. Happy people are not welcomed.

Should ones expression be genuine, honest and straight from the heart, it is an indication of ones lack of love for Allah. Love for Allah is displayed through lies and double-dealing. They say one thing here and another in a different setting. They mislead no one except members of their inner circle.

Should ones expression be authentic to ones identity, it is an assault on the ‘norm’ which is that no one exists let alone has an identity. The closest one is expected to come to existence is when one is a fake and a fraud.

Should ones expression be a motivation to others, it is against the rules, for no one needs motivation. Motivation to do what? Allah is responsible for everything. The creation are the unwilling puppets in their own life. Do you wish to motivate Allah? Blasphemy!

Should ones expression be a defence of humanity, it is sacrilegious for one has accorded humanity freedoms and rights, which are abominations. The right mode is that no one is human. No one has freedoms. No one has rights. Everyone must live in fear. Everyone must live by coercion.

Should ones expression be an honest concern and care for others, it is wrong again. Only gossip, slander and hate-speech are permitted. Whoever wishes to be admitted into Jannah must be a first-class student in rumour-mongering.

Should ones expression be polite despite ones difficulties in life, it is a show-off. Expressions must be a projection of ones marital problems on others. Words must be structured as to announce to everyone that one is incompetent to solve ones problems. Expressions must be rude to make others as miserable as possible, for if one is miserable, everyone must be miserable.

This is the world of the average Muslim woman who is very active in her community albeit in detrimental formats.

Indeed, humans are responsible for own actions.

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