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The 33rd Ayah (Verse) of Surah Ahzab in the Qur’an reads:

And stay in your homes, and do not display yourselves like that of the times of ignorance [1], and establish regular Prayer (Salaat) and give regular charity (Zakaat) and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah wishes only to remove all evil from you [2], O members of the family (of the Prophet), and to purify you thoroughly [3].

This part of the Ayah – “and stay in your homes” – is misinterpreted by the opponents of education of women and girls, with roots in Pakistan, to indicate that the education of females should be limited to what can occur within her home; she must not leave her home to receive education.

I am sure readers would have seen images of women, many without a Hijab, outside their home in the affected communities. If girls are to be shot for leaving their home for education, according to this group of creatures, why have these men not shot their own mothers for leaving their home without a Hijab, an obligatory outfit?

In addition, why do they not shoot themselves for not getting their priorities right? Why do they not shoot men, after all men are supposed to be the guardians of women, are they not? On the other hand, is guardianship restricted to issuing commands, but not taking responsibility?

The above-mentioned part of the Ayah cannot be used to justify the prohibition of education of women and girls considering:

  1. It refers to married women.
  2. Married women can leave their home with their husband’s permission.
  3. Even if the Ayah was general for all women:
  • Women can still go out with their guardian’s consent.
  • Pre-puberty girls are exempt.
  • That is for each household to implement. One set of individuals should not impose their views on another man’s family.

These characters and their supporters also cite the evil and unsafe nature of the society as a reason for their stance against the education of women and girls.

Who made the environment evil? Moreover, why do women foot the bill for the environment being evil? Most of the evil are committed by men and their oppressive behaviour. Should women start to shoot men in the head as a solution to reduce the evil in the society?

Is evil rectified by shooting innocent girls in the head? Whatever evil there is in the society should be tackled at the evil and not at innocent individuals. Targeting women and girls is a sign of weakness. Many men cannot face their fellow men to stop them from committing evil.

Do they not realise that an educated woman is an asset and an illiterate a burden and a problem? Is their taste in women limited to those women who are a problem to their husband? Come to think of it, a commenter on another article impudently instructed me to be a man’s problem. Obviously, the taste buds of psychos are wired for problematic women.

When I hear someone talking about the evil of the society, I assume he is entrenched in that evil. If he were not, his role – and ours as Muslims – is to rectify evil and not to create more evil directed at good people.

Evil cannot be dismantled through the oppression of the innocent, but through restraining that evil at its source.

[1] Pre-Islamic times. Women are here enjoined to wear a Hijab, when they leave their home.
[2] Allah wishes to remove evil from women and girls, but some men wish to penalize them instead for the evil of the society.
[3] Allah purifies women and girls; some men defile them, with tears and blood.



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