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Binders? Was this the human equivalent of a book binder, except this time women are bound; held hostage?

Thanks to the internet and to Google, my curiosity and alarm were vindicated. I am beginning to see what many Muslims have in common with Republicans: both treat women as minors and dogs.

The binder is effectively a prison for women. These Muslims should identify with this given their belief that rights and freedoms exist only if one is a man.

In this article, the binder is the man who must be obeyed.

The bound, the woman, believes and trusts the binder unquestionably and blindly, much similar to the typical Muslim woman who believes her husband is always right and his oppressive behaviour is good for her.

The binder confuses hate with love, an accurate depiction of the psycho and psychosis of the Muslim man.

With increase in exposure to the binder the bound loses all sense of reality and becomes indifferent to her predicament, a striking similarity with the Muslim woman who loses the ability to distinguish abuse from normalcy: abuse becomes normal in her mind.

The binder exerts the guilt factor on the bound, just as the Muslim woman bears the guilt of the most innocent of acts.

The binder is the judge and punisher of the bound for the latter’s own good. In the Muslim home, the man holds a similar position, but is ironically incapable of self-judgment and self-discipline.

The consequence is depression for the bound. How many Muslim women suffer from depression as a result of the psychosis of their husband?

As the fraudulent relationship prolongs, the bound becomes more attached to the binder, the Muslim version of which is the total reliance of the woman on her husband for her very existence.

The bound is deprived of both humanity and identity. Her situation is similar to that of the Muslim woman who cannot acknowledge own existence let alone own humanity and identity.

The bound looks forward to any semblance of praise from the binder who lavishes the bound with praise in return for absolute obedience. The Muslim woman in her misery and abandonment finds solace in the redundant supplications her husband heaps on her. Her husband’s glorification of her sorry state becomes her sole comfort.

The binder treats the bound as a child incapable of responsibility. In the Muslim world, the woman is a perpetual minor incapable of right conduct.

The binder destroys every idea of love with the bound. Does this sound familiar?

The binder is very unlikely to change his behaviour for the better, as in his delusion he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The bound has a slightly better probability of eventually realising the nightmare.

The Muslim man in his obscene power and right of obedience has no reason to believe he needs to change. Some women, on the other hand sooner or later cry out, pretended or real, which explains the relatively higher number of ‘liberated’ Muslim women.

Should anything go more wrong, both binder and bound lose.

Any Muslim man who votes for Romney is a certified psycho. Worse still, any Muslim woman who supports Romney is a verified walking-dead.

Whose back do I have? That of Barack Obama, that lover of a man.


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