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Every so often a Muslim updates Facebook status with a rebuke of the social media site. Rantings against Facebook has become the norm. When one has nothing to say to ones friends, simply vent frustrations on Facebook.

Facebook does have its problems, none of which draws the attention of some Muslims.

Facebook provides account and privacy settings, which are not as comprehensive as I would wish, but do some Muslims even notice these settings? They wait until there is a campaign to make use of what stares them in the face several times a day. Others do not even make use of these settings, but instruct those on their friends’ list to adjust own settings to accommodate them! Outrageous!

Facebook settings are such that users can determine almost to a tee who reads their updates. There are public and friends settings. And within the friends’ setting, there are sub-lists, including family, close friends, acquaintances, and restricted. Users are allowed to create own personalized list.

Facebook allows users to create multiple accounts provided one has multiple email addresses. To sort their interactions, some Muslims resort to different profiles, one with their real name for the family and real life friends, the other with a false name for others, fake people.

Ironically, my rule of interaction is that I interact with trustworthy persons and the trust is mutual. I refuse to be relegated to being “friends” with a fake account. If I am not considered trustworthy, there is no reason to trust the untrusting. Fake accounts might protect users’ family from outsiders, but make the rest of us on the friends’ list vulnerable to being implicated in any criminal activity users may engage in using their fake accounts.

Facebook accords its users so much self-regulation, personal responsibility and freedom that Muslims who are more accustomed to obtaining approval before they sneeze (not literal!) are overwhelmed by the sudden responsibility to determine how to interact with others on Facebook.

Facebook offers Muslims the good people and the bad people in one swoop. Muslims who in real life surround self with the wrong people in order to get to Jannah immediately realise there are even more despicable persons on this planet. They have to filter their interactions; something they avoid doing in real-life.

In real life, they can at least pretend they are such good persons who have to put up with bad people. On Facebook, no one knows whom one tolerates. There is no one to impress. All pretensions cease. Complaints begin.

Facebook presents modest entertainment and, well everything else as well. Muslims who tell the rest of us they lack the ability to define and choose their lifestyle have to make that choice. Yes, they have to choose what pages to visit and like. They choose which adverts to block and which to ignore or allow. They choose which event or group invitations to accept or ignore. That is too much choice for those whose beliefs state “My life is as Allah wills”. On Facebook, they have to display much self-will. Reluctant to do this, they complain incessantly.

Personal experience illustrates that all the negative anti-Islam content, with the exception of one, I have come across on Facebook was through a Muslim. Honestly, I cannot understand what some Muslims do on Facebook to come across these filthy contents.

If they are searching for Islamic pages, they are better off being guided by their friends’ likes. After all in real life one does not venture into unfamiliar territories and zones without the direction and advice of others who possess the required information.


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