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This is a collection of three posts I made on my Facebook profile with extra information.

An electricity bill of more than N41000 (naira)!

The power company came this evening to sever the power supply. AlHamduliLlah! They heard the pleas of my neighbour and granted us a few days respite.

Regular contributors to the bill are mostly non-indigenes. We understand the value of electricity. If we do not pay, WE lose.

I will have to go to the cyber cafe for hours each day. The other non-indigenes will have to spend even more on maintenance and running of their generators.

Where is the documentation for the payments we have made in the past two and a half years?

No one knows. No one knows whether or how much was paid. No one is prepared to insist on knowing. No one wants to be murdered.

This is Northern Nigeria!

This is what my compatriots describe as: Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop!  (Monkey works, baboon consumes!)  Well I am no monkey nor are my fellow non-indigenes in these premises.

The residence contains six apartments; three on each side with a dividing fence and a central gate.  Besides the central entrance, the other shared facility is the electricity supply.

Three residents, two of whom live on side of the premises are from regions to the South of Nigeria.

One is Ebira from Kogi, which is a little to the South and is a non-Hausa-Fulani state, though it was under the Khaliphate and subsequently ascribed to Northern Nigeria.  The second is from Edo State in the South-South of the country and he is also partly Igbo.

And I, the Queen herself, am from Abia State in the South-East and a fully fledged Igbo woman and the only non-indigene on my side of the premises.  We are all Muslims.

The rest of the inhabitants are Hausa-Fulanis.  The electricity bill is written in the name of one of the Hausa-Fulani residents.  He usually handles payments to the power company.

 People who cannot pay electricity bills have mouth to say I should physically participate in repairs of electricity. Shameless things!

That is just a cover-up to stop anyone asking about the receipts.

Talk as much as you wish, Allah is a Witness I have no tolerance for you.

When I was in Lagos I paid bills and SAW THE RECEIPTS. Where are the payment receipts for thess premises?

And in Lagos,

I did what was necessary, especially when my neighbours were not around.

In your case, you always make a point of directing people to me for me to turn them down to make yourself look good. You want a woman to do what you are incapable of doing! You are more of a sub-woman and less of a man.

The electricity is repaired daily only to develop a fault within hours. Perhaps you are waiting for me to come out and join you before you know what needs to be done.

The wife of the Edo resident who collects the electricity payment from the residents and who is in alliance with Hausa-Fulanis presented the bill to me making it the first time, to my recollection I ever saw the bill.  I told her I was willing to pay my own share, but I needed to see the payment receipts for the last two and a half years.  I still have not seen the receipts.

I later overheard her Hausa-Fulani master emphatically state she told him I had accused him of not paying bills because he was Hausa.  AlHamduliLlah I am now on record for saying so.  I do not need a puppet to speak on my behalf nor do I confide in a puppet that I should say such to her.

Despite having made payments in January, 2012 to cover electricity bill for five months in advance to avoid her coming to my doorstep, she made a point of doing just that for the entire five-month period to ask me for payments I have already made.  I had to resist the urge to give her a punch in the nose.  AlHamduliLlah!  I am now more prepared to do so, whoever her masters may be.

You can insult me and call me names all you wish.

I had intended to call you the kind of names that will reduce you to tears, but I will give the very very few sensible Hausa-Fulanis the opportunity to control you.

I tell you this though:

There are many things I have had in mind to say against you people. My silence for six years is for consideration of the few who do not support your behaviou

r or should I say your culture. Over the same period, you people have been shooting your mouths off at me.

When I give you my response, nothing will happen beyond death threats and possible murder. I know your secret and that secret is that ALLAH IS NOT HAUSA-FULANI. Swallow that!

Get your people to pay their bills or is paying bills also against your culture?

The electricity bill clearly stated the last payment was made in February, 2012 an indication that nothing was paid in the months up to June for which I had made payments.  I am aware my fellow non-indigenes make payments towards rectification of the power line and sometimes to cover deficits to prevent a severance of our power supply, though I doubt either of them has seen the documentation.

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