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Swords are drawn on both aisles of the Atlantic.

Muslims have done a U-turn and their rhetoric is now a call for action, more action.  Some have been protesting online repeating pro-Islam mono-sentences on US government election campaign sites, much to my displeasure.

Others want the death of those responsible.  Those responsible are not within the jurisdiction of an Islamic State and even if they were, we the citizens lack authority to implement the Rules on them.

Rather than exhaust oneself over what one wants when one is not in a position to demand it of the US government or of any one, one should concentrate on what one can achieve.   Instead of getting hyped over an issue we cannot control, we handle situations according to our ability and that includes showing we are proud to be Muslim, which I do in interactions online and offline.

Republicans want a show of violence from the US government against Muslims in Egypt and Libya.  They fail to take into account the repercussions of that.  Over a decade of war has taught them nothing.  The US – and its Muslim allies – cannot bomb its way to peace.

I have pondered over the possible response of the US government to the demise of its Ambassador.  Barack Obama is in a tight spot: carry out targeted reprisals and spark another decade of conflict or do not, and lose his job come November.  There is a third consideration which is always my mode each time I am in a dilemma: ones detractors will never be pleased regardless of what one does, so one might as well act based on ones convictions.

However, between the belligerents, there are two areas of agreement on those responsible for this denigration of my Prophet:

1)      They knew they were looking for trouble.

2)      They know they have got trouble.


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