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Femininity is defined as finesse, composure, thoughtful and discreet, and to some reticence, indecision and fluctuation. It is these latter perceptions of womanhood that are at the core of the abortion debate and might explain the insistence of some men to act as our thoughts.

One cannot really censure those men without an attempt to discover the roots of this demeaning stereotype, for the mere reason that there are women who fit into and endorse that picture of womanhood.

A decade ago, a man told me emphatically that “men prefer to make decisions for themselves, and women generally prefer to have men make decisions for them”. I have also read an article of a man who praised his wife for being “passive” – meaning incapable of decision-making.

To a significant number of women across several cultures, socioeconomic strata and nationality, from East to West, self-confidence and firmness in a woman is disliked. A woman must not make decisions regarding her existence let alone be resolute.

Courtesy stipulates we do not say certain words, but should courtesy not recognise self-decision and choice?  For those of us proud to be articulate women, how can we talk about certain parts of our body and sexuality when we cannot make decisions that affect that part of our body! Some men wish to do the talking and decision-making and somehow, we are to implement, or perhaps we are to have that implemented on us on our behalf.

If our views, thoughts, choices and judgments are rendered futile, no woman should even dream of being the executor of the decisions men make regarding our body. Rather than being the actors, we will be the acted upon.

I will not be surprised if these men proceed to demand women surrender used sanitary towels or take monthly pregnancy tests just to be sure we are prim and proper.




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  3. John
    September 5, 2012

    Can you tell me why your post only loading part way and then not going any further? I’ve tried reloading the page a couple of times but I’m still unable to view the whole post.

    Edited: The name section and the comment were edited for fluency of discussion.

    Umm Sulaim

    • Umm Sulaim
      September 5, 2012

      Welcome to my world.

      You might want to check your network connection.

      Is the problem with this post or does it occur with any of my posts?

      Umm Sulaim

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