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Some Muslim women are getting their knickers in a twist over the construction of the clock tower located in Makkah. Everyone has a personal score to settle with the Saudi government or the Saudi Ulema.

Over the next few days, I shall discuss another country PAKISTAN. Yes, PAKISTAN, that country notorious for human and women rights abuses.

And oh yes, if I do become mega rich, I plan to build mighty skyscrapers. Nothing wrong with that in Islam provided they serve a purpose.

Guantanamo. That collection of open air two-inch cells exists with the active participation of Pakistani kidnappers and abductors.

I do hope their kith and kin did well to quote for them Ahadeeth prohibiting the hand-over of a Muslim to his enemies.

Such advisory council and condemnation of the role of Pakistani agencies in the torture and dehumanization of hundreds of innocent Muslims sold into modern-day slavery is hard to come across in any Muslim discourse.

Once again, the clock tower is trivial.

And for their multi-billion dollar treachery, Pakistanis are now fondly referred to as ‘bugsplat’ by their darling allies. Very affectionate. I would have called them ‘bedbugsplat’.

Pakistani government has begun to cry foul over the unmanned drone attacks in their territory. Perhaps Pakistanis failed to read the fine prints of their collaboration agreement.


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