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How sweet justice is when earned!  How sweet justice is when one is patient and resolute in the face of high-handedness!


Patience and resolve is a real task, and more so when one is single-handedly battling injustice.


But, Allah Akbar!  How exhilarating are the signs of indignation on the faces of ones detractors when they earn that due justice!


Injustice, gossip, rumour-mongering, back-biting, front-biting, slander, insults, you name it and many have been at the receiving end of it.  The pain, the hurt, indescribable it is.


But when one refuses to endure pain, pain soon becomes thrill.  When one refuses to be a victim, one soon becomes a success.  When one refuses to accept pessimism, doors open towards pleasure.


When ones detractors plot and scheme, they do not realise they are the bait in their own traps.  And trapped are they when they seek to isolate one only to find that one is only isolated from ones enemies, whereas kind people flock to one, much to the fury of one enemies.


When ones enemies declare ones behaviours are antagonistic to their creed, they assume everyone is impressed with their creed.  Little do they acknowledge that none worthy of mention is pleased with them and their creed.


How sweet justice is!


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