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68. When you notice those who engage in false discussions concerning Our Aayaat (Verses and Signs), shun them until they turn to another topic.  And if shaytan (Satan) causes you to forget, do not, after recollection, remain seated among the wrongdoers.


This is the right of disassociation or the right of disengagement.


In today’s world, Islam is under scrutiny.  Many individuals express anti-Islamic sentiments, online and offline.  Social media sites are a favourite for the dissemination of such ideas.


Muslims frequently draw themselves into unhealthy debates on these sites.  In an attempt to alert other Muslims to action, Muslims rapidly convey to others the purport of such sites, unintentionally widening the coverage and reach of the distorted programs of these sites.


We are informed to disengage from such discussions and such company.  A better course of action than unnecessary debates is to simply report the offensive site, if such a mechanism exists.


Note that this Ayah makes no distinction between the religious beliefs of the offenders, for I have read many blasphemous comments on Muslim sites.


69. Those who guard against evil are not accountable for them, but to act as a reminder; perhaps they will become mindful.


Our duty to others is advisory, i.e. first comes the right of counsel, then the right of disengagement.  We can not change others.  We can only encourage them to good and prevent them from harming others.


70. Ignore those who take their Religion as play and amusement, and are deceived by the life of this world.  Remind with it: that every soul is ruined by its account.  It will find for itself no protector or intercessor except Allah.  Even if it offered every ransom, none will be accepted.  Such is (the end of) those who are ruined by their accounts.  They will have a drink of boiling water, and a most grievous punishment, for they persisted in rejecting Allah.


This Ayah is part of the explanation of the previous.


We are responsible primarily for our actions.  Ones success or perdition is based not on the actions of others, but on ones deeds and beliefs.  Our objective should be to avoid having to account for our deeds on the Day of Judgement.  On a human level, we make our own destiny.


A crucial and valid lesson from the highlighted portion: we must not discard our Religion in favour of the secular.  We should not misinterpret our Religion as dealing only with matters of the Hereafter and seek vindication and solace in secular laws.


A thorny area where there is a risk of this is the issue of human rights.  From non-Muslims, one hears that Muslim women have limited rights and many Muslim women nod in affirmation.


Did our Religion render us passive only for us to desire good treatment in the comfort provided by secular laws?  Muslims who are inert to their civil liberties have no legal claim against Islam, for Allah and His Messenger itemised the bulk of the rights of humans.  Several other rights and freedoms, though not laid out in clauses, are inferred in context.  The question is, do Muslims acknowledge their own humanity? 


This Religion of ours endorsed the rights of animals.  Why then do some individuals infringe on the freedoms of others while they simultaneously employ secular laws to protect their own rights?


71. Say: “Shall we invoke others besides Allah, – things that can neither benefit us nor harm us, – and shall we take flight after Allah has guided us? – like one whom the devils have made into a fool, wandering bamboozled through the earth, his companion-friends calling out to him, ‘Come to us’ directing him”  Say: “Verily, Allah’s Guidance is the Only Guidance, and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the Worlds”.


This is a classic depiction of one who lacks the ability of constructive thought: a fool, confused, without direction and purpose, keeps wrong friends and companions, blind follower of social trends.


72. “To establish regular prayers and to be conscious of Him, for it is to Him that we shall be gathered.”


We are to pray to Allah with full consciousness that we will be brought before Him.


73. He is The One Who created the Heavens and the earth in Truth.  The Day He says: “Be!” so it shall be.  His Word is the Truth.  His is the Sovereignty the Day the trumpet is blown. He is acquainted with the invisible and the visible.  He is the All­Wise, Well-Aware.


His Word is The Truth.  Allah Akbar.  No further explanation required.


74. Ibrahim said to his father ‘Azar: “Do you take statues as gods?  I really perceive you and your people are in conspicuous misguidance.”


Well, here is a legal ruling to chew: Confront an irrational parent.  Look your parent in the eye and say, “You and your relatives are neck-deep in folly.”


Hold on!  Before you do that, I expect someone will pull your ear – and mine – that no one should confront such a parent.  Yet the same individual will very likely quote Khidr as proof to murder ones child; I meant “daughter-only murders”.  It does sound like a prestigious club, does it not?  Come to think of it, it is a “prestigious” club!  Let me not digress.  Actually, Khidr killed a boy, yes B. O. Y.


Back to parents in error versus righteous child, just as no parent has the right to engage in gender-specific murders, no child should meet a parent head-on.

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